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5 Best Preparation strategy for Class 12th Commerce students?

Commerce students while studying in class 12th have a tough time managing school, coaching and self study with break time together. The vast syllabus scares the souls of the students and let them confuse to how to prepare a strategy to clear the examinations or clear them with a very good score.

Here are 5 best preparation strategies for class 12th commerce students to help in scoring a great score:


Giving Textbooks Importance


Prepare a portion from the required textbook in order to start getting ready for your CBSE Class 12 Commerce stream board exams. Then note down notes from other beneficial references that could be used as additional study resources. For key points, use pens of different colour. Create mnemonics and acronyms to help you remember the extensive syllabus. Utilising flowcharts and flash cards would also be quite beneficial. This is correct format and beneficial for economics, accountancy, and business studies.


Conceptualise ideas


To make concepts easier to remember later, it can be good to try to envision them when studying business topics. Get a comprehensive understanding of the distinctions between expenditures and expenses, commodities and machinery, direct and indirect expenses, provision and reserve, and categorization for accounting.


Give More Thought to Certain Subjects


For your CBSE Class 12 Commerce stream board exam preparation, selective studying is discouraged; all topics should be covered. However, themes like organising, directing, planning, the nature and science of management, marketing, and financial management are some of the most crucial ones for business studies. Avoid skipping any other sections, though, as students may perform poorly if questions are assigned from material they weren't familiar with. Some concepts in accounting are crucial. These include expenses, expenditures (including capital and operating expenses), revenues, debtors, and creditors. The income statement contains revenue and expenses. The asset side contains expenditure, the asset side has debtors, and the liability side contains creditors.


Practice Sample Papers and Previous Year Papers


 Sample questions from the previous five years must be solved in order to get a good concept of the question format. Additionally, as questions are frequently repeated, your chances of getting all A's grow significantly. When you begin answering sample question papers, your time management skills will also advance since


you will be more aware of how much time you should spend on each question and overall on each section.
Self-Organisation is important. It is advantageous to combine several chapters because they are linked when studying for the CBSE Class 12 Business Studies board exam. For instance, after learning the planning chapter, go straight to the controlling chapter.


After studying financial management, the chapter on financial markets should be read.


After finishing the chapter on the Indian economy before independence in Economics, move on to the chapter on the Indian economy after independence.
Be concise and organised when writing answers in the board exam room.


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