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Somil Jain
Sir, apse padhne se phle subjects are Looking very boring. Maine dusre teacher se class liya tha, but fir apki class lene ke baad mujhe laga that I can score and secure good marks in exam. Way of teaching is enitrely different.Love u dil se.

21 July, 2021

I joined this class by watching demo on Youtube, SM is very difficult subject for me but u made it easy , u explain key points in interesting manner. You are doing a great job sir

21 July, 2021

Ankita Pramod Rane
Perfect animated Explanation in detail that helped me to memorize. Best Concept clarity ever

21 July, 2021

Shipra Nair
"Trying to understand a subject at school, that is completely new for me, in a class of 30 people was hard. Each student couldn't get the attention that they needed to properly understand the subject. But when I started taking classes on ATC I understood the concepts well because I could watch and re-watch the videos anytime and anywhere. The videos are very informative and easy to understand. Taking classes at ATC has helped me alot more than taking classes at school. I really love taking accounts classes with Rathore sir"- Shreya Nair ( Grade 11, Commerce )

21 July, 2021

"Taking Classes on ATC was one of the best decisions we've made. I can see the improvement that my daughter has made in less than a week's time. She has the freedom of taking classes whenever she wishes and can re-watch videos to have a better understanding of the concepts. I believe that ATC has the best teachers for students. They explain the concepts in a simple way so that students have a good understanding. Rathore sir is truly the best accounts teacher that my daughter could ever have"

21 July, 2021

Mohit Chawla

CA Inter Group 2

Priti Jaiswal

Strategic Management


CA Inter Group 2 Strategic Management

Shreya Nair

Class 11th - Accountancy