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Admin 04 Nov, 2022 0 Comments

5 reason why to become a chartered accountant?

While talking about the best career options developed from 1800’s we can happily choose the CA course. The chartered accountancy course is the professional degree regulated by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. This is also the second largest professional accounting body all over the world.

CA Foundation exam also previously known as CPT exam I.e., Common Proficiency Test is a kind of a CA entrance test exam which students can opt out after completing their 10+2. Foundation exam’s level of competency is not harder as the intermediate and final one but the foundation examination is as important as the other two levels are.

Although students in the commerce stream want to become CAs, they become perplexed when they see the rising demand for other modern courses like MBA, company secretary, insurance, and so on.


For the sake of simplicity, the following list of five reasons why being a CA is a suitable career choice based on current industry standards:

Change within the profession. You later change your employment function in this field because taking the CA course will familiarize you with all aspects of commerce. Start out as an accountant, get experience, and you can one day launch your own business. Some CPAs serve as business advisors to huge corporations, which enables them to play a crucial role in a variety of industries. Although being in business is always hard, CAs is accepted in all industries.


Overseas possibilities

 According to statistics, 14% of the 2 lakh ICAI graduates are employed and settled abroad. Similar to India, there is a high demand for CAs in other countries, making it possible to achieve your ambition of living abroad by enrolling in a CA programme. You can consider CA as a rewarding alternative to start your worldwide career right now.

Pay, perks, and compensation. A CA with three to five years of professional experience makes an average salary of roughly 5 lakhs. Those that are successful in company or choose to have many income streams, however, often make more than the average wage given. For instance, Bharti Airtel offered two CA candidates Rs.21.50 lakhs per year for their New Delhi positions. The best benefit of working as a CA is that there is no room for turning back and your compensation only increases sharply.


India's ICAI benefits

While choosing the right college and its academic programme is difficult for any other course. It is difficult to obtain a CA in India since there is only one premium name, ICAI, and because of the low number of applicants who pursue it. However, a sincere effort can help you succeed in the ICAI CA course, where the campus placement is your first opportunity to launch your career. Last but not least, all types of students can afford the CA course tuition at ICAI.


CA article ship training

Other courses do not require a three-year job article ship, but the CA course does. This enables the students to interact directly with the working world and gain insight into how it operates. Systematized auditing, meticulous accounting, comprehension of company terminologies and transactions, work load and over pressure, as well as skilled communication, are the fundamentals that all CA student learns from the article ship span.

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