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Admin 18 Jan, 2023 0 Comments

7 Amazing Tips How to revise for Class 12th Commerce Board Exam 2023 in 1 Month

Every year million of students appear for the board exams of class 12th, whether it is Science, Commerce or Arts stream. Class 12th exams are considered quite difficult in basically science and commerce stream. While students are unsure how or when to study efficiently, it can be challenging to get ready for the class 12 board exams, especially when they are also learning for other professional exams such as the Chartered Accountancy exam. To complete the class 12th syllabus on time, it is critical to manage the study for each paper.


Tips to revise class 12th board exams in 1 month.


  • Begin by reading one chapter of any two theory subjects per day. You take a piece of paper and write down everything you know on your own after reading and referring to your notes. Try to remember the name of each topic and write down the key points. Everything should be printed on one sheet of paper. This will be your revision notes.


  • Take careful note of everything the teacher says. Teachers may say, "This is an important question, it has been asked previously," but simply highlight these questions/points for future reference. Keep records on every point of the teacher's explanation.


  • Every single day, you must do MATHS!! That is required; answer one question or one hundred, but do it! This is critical because math is a subject that takes time to grasp. The most difficult one among all subjects. You can go for RD Sharma for maths although NCERT is sufficient for the subject.


  • ENGLISH is extremely important and also very simple. During your break, always read a chapter of English. For example, when you are practicing accountancy for 25 minutes and taking a 10-minute break, read a chapter in that time. Don't sit and study English for hours; it's simple and takes the least amount of time. But don't neglect the subject because you think it's simple. People generally fail at things they claim are simple.


  • Avoid taking longer breaks during the last month of preparation and try to study continuously. To achieve the best results, try to complete one chapter from each of the three subjects.


  • Begin solving previous year papers in 2.5 hours during the last month. Try to solve at least ten pieces of paper. The importance of math and English papers cannot be overstated. The more you do, the closer you get to 95, and it will undoubtedly boost your morale.


  • Screen time can be avoided at the last month of the preparation. The more you do screen time, the more you get closer to negative thoughts, disturbed preparation and lose of self-esteem.


At the end, don’t get disturbed because of your marks. Prepare well and don’t take stress for the future.


I presented you with some tips from an ATC mentor-expert so that you could study according to your study plan and clear any concepts you needed for class 11 and 12, as well as for your CA classes once you finish class 12. If you want online classes which have animated classes, well-defined notes, one-on-one mentorship program and a lot benefits you can visit our app and website Any Time Classes.

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