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CA Inter Costing Syllabus 2023 and Marking Scheme 2023

Download CA Intermediate Costing – Study Material/Papers


CA Intermediate Costing is Paper 3 of CA Intermediate Group-I. In each chapter of costing, the topics have been covered following ‘step by step’ approach.


About CA Course 


Chartered Accountancy as a career option is most propitious course in India. It is considered as highest paid profession. Once you own this degree, it gets prefixed with your name as CA. If we talk about detailed description of this course, CA Course is of 3 levels. That is CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, CA Finals. Furthermore, CA Intermediate consists two groups i.e, CA Intermediate Group-I & CA Intermediate Group-II. Similarly, CA Finals consists two groups i.e, CA Final Group-I & CA Final Group-II.


Firstly you have to appear for CA Foundation exam, after passing CA Foundation level, you gets entry to CA Intermediate level. Note one point here, there is also a direct entry scheme in CA Course in which you can direct entry to CA Intermediate level after completing your graduation level exams.


CA Foundation level has 4 papers, that are


Paper-1: Principles and Practice of Accounting

Paper-2: Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting

Paper-3: Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics          

Paper-4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge


CA Intermediate has eight papers, that are-


Paper-1: Accounting          

Paper-2: Corporate and Other Laws

Paper-3: Cost and Management Accounting

Paper-4: Taxation

Paper-4B: Indirect Taxation: Supplementary Study Paper for Sec-B: Indirect Taxes

Paper-5: Advanced Accounting

Paper-6: Auditing and Assurance           

Paper-7: Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management 

Paper-8: Financial Management & Economics for Finance


As we have discussed that CA Intermediate level consists of two groups so according to that CA Intermediate Group-I has first 4 papers of the above list & CA Intermediate Group-II has Paper 5 to Paper 8 from the above list.


CA final level has eight papers, that are-


Paper-1: Financial Reporting       

Paper-2: Strategic Financial Management        

Paper-3: Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics

Paper-4: Corporate & Economic Laws    

Paper-5: Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation

Paper-6A: Risk Management       

Paper-6B: Financial Services and Capital Markets      

Paper-6C: International Taxation 

Paper-6D: Economic Laws           

Paper-6E: Global Financial Reporting Standards        

Paper-7: Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation  

Paper-8: Indirect Tax Laws


As we have discussed that CA Final level consists of two groups so according to that CA Final Group-I have first 4 papers of the above list & CA Final Group-II has Paper 5 to Paper 8 from the above list.

So now here comes costing subject that is in CA Intermediate level Group-I Paper 3.

It is a very interesting subject that gives power to score good marks or exemptions. This subject knowledge directly helps you when you go in corporate world.

ATC also provides the best online and pendrive classes to prepare for intermediate exams. You can also download our Pendrive classes at the most affordable prices.



CA Intermediate Costing Syllabus 2023 and Marking Scheme 2023


As we have discussed CA Intermediate Costing paper is a practical paper that gives a good scope to learn many things and score good marks or exemption. CA Intermediate Paper 3 Cost and Management Accounting Marking scheme for 2023 is as follows.

  • CA Intermediate Costing paper is of 100 marks
  • Total 6 questions will come in exam
  • Question no.1 is compulsory
  • You need to answer any 4 questions
  • Total time duration of the exam will be 3 hours
  • Writing language of exam is what you have opted for while filling out the exam form




CA Intermediate Costing and Management Accounting Weightage Chapter wise


So according to given weightage you should start plan your studies and allot time to each chapter accordingly,






Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting.


Chapter 2-7

Chapter 2: Material Cost
Chapter 3: Employee Cost and Direct Expenses
Chapter 4: Overheads: Absorption Costing Method
Chapter 5: Activity-Based Costing
Chapter 6: Cost Sheet
Chapter 7: Cost Accounting System


Chapter 8-12

Chapter 8: Unit & Batch Costing
Chapter 9: Job Costing and Contract Costing
Chapter 10: Process & Operation Costing
Chapter 11: Joint Products & By-Products
Chapter 12: Service Costing


Chapter 13-15

Chapter 13: Standard Costing

Chapter 14: Marginal Costing
Chapter 15: Budget and Budgetary Control





CA Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting Study Material 2023


ICAI provides study material to study for each paper. Likewise, ICAI has provided Study material for CA Intermediate costing also. ICAI Study material is the base for any CA Student to pass the exam. Without taking help of study material it is very difficult to pass the exam. Also in this context ATC has covered complete study material, line by line, comma by comma in classes. ATC provides animated classes presented by corporate professionals who are working in the same field. Like Costing subject is taught by Dr. PS Rathore sir , he is a Corporate Strategist and International motivational speaker. He teaches CA Intermediate costing face to face and even he had worked with many national and multinational companies in the same domain. He works as a strategist to these companies. So here we have given study material of CA Intermediate costing.


CA Inter Costing Study Material





This is the study material provided by ICAI.


CA Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting Previous Year Question Papers with Suggested Answers


CA Intermediate Costing is the Paper 3 of CA Intermediate Group I. So, solving past year papers is always proved to be a good indicator of exemption or good marks. But you should attempt these papers only if you have completed your classes and revision. Because if you try to attempt these papers without preparation then you may loose you confidence for exam. ATC has redefined of past year paper practice pattern also. ATC covers past 10 years papers questions in each class. Like if you are studying CA Intermediate Costing with ATC, after each chapter and after each concept, faculty will discuss what kind of past years paper questions had come from this topic. So in classes only ATC will make you confident and saves your time to prepare for past year papers separately.


So now here past year Question paper and suggested answers. You can download these pdf’s for further reference.


Question papers

November, 2022

May, 2022

December, 2021

July, 2021

January, 2021

November, 2020

November, 2019

May, 2019

November, 2018

May 2018



Suggested Answers

May, 2022

December, 2021

July, 2021

January, 2021


CA Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting Mock Test Papers for 2022


Mock tests basically are practice papers that are prepared purely based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus of the examination. ATC Conducts mock tests on timely basis. And if you are enrolled with ATC, we will conduct mock test and get it checked by Experts. 


Here you can download the CA Intermediate Mock Test Papers of Cost and Management Accounting.



CA Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting Revision Test Papers (RTP) for 2022


Revision is more than just reading through the notes you made in class - it also means knowing how to answer the questions for real when you're sitting in the exam. Using old exam questions to practice on will help make passing your exams easier. So if you want to clear CA Intermediate Costing exam, it will be beneficial to you to revise these papers for exam preparation.


CA Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting Online and Pendrive Classes


If you are looking for the best CA Intermediate Costing Online and Pendrive Classes for 2022, then ATC is the best institute for giving the best online classes and Pendrive classes by well-qualified and experienced teachers known for their best results.

If you want to get corporate level practical knowledge. We guarantee that after this you will fall in love with subject. Here Classes Are Taught By World Class Corporate  Professionals Having Practical Knowledge Of Domain.


Prominent features of classes are following:

  • 100% Study material covered in detail
  • MCQ and Past year’s papers extensively covered
  • Ask Your Doubt 24*7
  • Well scripted Notes are provided
  • Schedule and Time Table are provided to finish the course in time
  • Separate doubt clearance session by mentors
  • Chapter wise Guidance
  • Monthly chapter wise tests
  • Evaluation of tests by Experts | CA’s | CS | CMA
  • Case Studies
  • Live Interactive doubt session by mentors



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