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CA Inter Strategic Management


CA Intermediate examination has a subject Strategic Management which is among one of the most important subjects. The subject strategic management has 8 chapters namely, Introduction to strategic management, dynamics of competitive strategy, strategic management process, corporate level strategies, business level strategies, functional level strategies, organization and strategic leadership, strategy implementation & control. In Paper 7, Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) & Strategic Management (SM), the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) allocated marks weightage. This could be helpful if you want to dynamically schedule your studies.







Chapter Name

Weightage of Marks

Section-A: Enterprise Information Systems


Automated Business Processes


Financial and Accounting Systems


Information Systems and its Components


E-Commerce, M-Commerce and Emerging Technologies


Core Banking Systems


Section-B: Strategic Management


Introduction to strategic management


dynamics of competitive strategy


strategic management process


corporate level strategies


business level strategies


functional level strategies


organization and strategic leadership


strategy implementation & control




Marking Scheme


Eight papers in CA Intermediate are divided into two groups based on the paper format. Students will have three hours to finish the paper, and there will be both objective and subjective question types. There are 100 marks on each paper. Thus, 800 marks total are required to pass the CA Intermediate exam. Students must receive passing scores of at least 40% on each paper and 50% overall in order to pass the exams. Additionally, there are no failing grades for the CA Intermediate exams. The tests are given twice a year, in offline format, in May and November.


Strategic Management


Due to the perception that this subject is exceedingly difficult, the majority of students don't perform well in it. The CA fraternity has a misperception that it is impossible to succeed in the area of strategic management (SM). The problem is that when we are told repeatedly that something is difficult, it inevitably becomes difficult. With the right instruction and practice, you can do well in it if you decide right away that it is simply another topic.

The conventional job of a chartered accountant, which was limited to accounting and auditing, has significantly evolved in the past several years, and there has been a clear shift towards strategic decision-making and entrepreneurial activities that bring value in addition to traditional financial reporting. This demonstrates the significance of strategic management.


What textbooks should CA Intermediate Strategic Management students consult?


The greatest tools for preparing for the CA Intermediate exams are the Study Materials and additional supplements offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Since the Institute itself offers the materials, the questions found in those volumes take on a significant significance in terms of the exam.

Strategic Management might be stressful for some students. Sometimes it's due to the language of the study materials or a lack of proficiency with the English language. This can make it harder for students to perform well on the Strategic Management Paper.

The Institute's Study Material must be used in conjunction with a supplemental book because the subject has many technical features. But picking the appropriate additional reading is also an important consideration. The Practice Manuals are no longer offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Instead, the study material itself makes note of the practice questions. However, students should obtain the past Practice Manuals for Strategic Management from the Institute's website because it is filled with questions. By doing this, they can find the ones that apply to their course material and prepare for the tests.


Strategic Management’s MCQ’s and case studies


The Study Material itself has already specified the Case Scenarios and Multiple-Choice Questions. However, starting with the December 2020 edition, the Institute has issued these Case Scenarios and Multiple-Choice Questions individually. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India's brochure begins by discussing how strategists who are chartered accountants might close the Competence Gap. It explains how dynamic and business-oriented strategic management is. It offers advice to students on how they should approach multiple-choice questions on exams. It concludes by emphasizing the value of preparation for the exam.


How ATC makes student study CA Intermediate Strategic Management?


Students may require assistance in the subject of strategic management. Strategic Management self-study is definitely possible. One thing to remember when self-studying is to make sure you are studying properly, and if you feel you are missing any knowledge, you must seek out online or offline guidance.


Course Details of Any Time Classes:


Course Type

Full Syllabus


75 Hours


App, Pendrive, Google drive

Course Material Language


Package details

Video Lectures + PDF Books + Access to app for MCQ in KBC Format + Test Series


6 Month or 9 Month

No. of Views

In App: Unlimited

Pendrive: 4 Views (On each video)

Google drive: 4 Views (On each video)

Doubt Solving Facility

WhatsApp, Email, Call


If any, will be provided separately

System Requirements

Windows 7 & Above with Minimum 2 GB RAM


ATC provides students’ a great platform to learn and clear the concepts online as well offline. Nowadays, students prefer saving time and learn from home, so what ATC benefits one to learn from home:-

1. Time-saving

2. Best Quality Classes: Students Can Plan as per Own Convenience Any Time - Any Where 24x7 By Domain Expert Faculties

3. Convenient to student - Students can purchase-course wise, subject-wise and even chapter-wise.

4. Most Cost-Effective - Most cost-effective courses for the mass population, that is even at Rs. 400 per subject per month

5. Faculty with practical experience- Faculty is from the big company having expertise in practical domain knowledge.

6. Quality Content-Easy to learn, memorize, write in exams and score more.

7. No dependency- No Dependency on Any Faculty or Personality

Get Corporate Level Practical Knowledge Right from CA Foundation Onwards. We guarantee that after this you will fall in love with subject and you will not require classes in CA inter to a great extent. Here Classes Are Taught by World Class Corporate Professionals Having Practical Knowledge of Domain.



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