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Admin 03 Nov, 2022 0 Comments

How should I make a time table for class 11th Commerce?

Students who appeared for the class 11th with commerce stream get to know the subjects for the first time and just only hold some basics of economics and mathematics before class 11th. Subjects like accountancy, business studies are whole new subjects, although economics is also a new subject in the sense of micro and macroeconomics and statistics of economics, Indian economics is also new but students hold some basic knowledge of both of these subjects. These subjects are counted as the main subjects, although Mathematics, Informatics Practices, Hindi comes with choice, but in some schools mathematics counted as a main subject.

Studying the commerce stream in class 11th in a proper manner is the biggest task. To make a proper time table and to prepare it subject wise and qualifying practical subjects and parts as well.


Time Table

Students must start their day with a healthy routine of getting fresh and up and then after having breakfast students who are school going must visit their school and study properly and make notes what teacher teaches and after coming home, before any coaching students must take rest. And after having rest students must prepare the queries left in the school and ask those meanwhile in the coaching. And after all of that self-study is the most important thing as with only self-study student can achieve their goal of 90% marks. And while talking about the self-study part one subject’s one chapter must be given a 2 days period or as upon its weightage and length as if any accountancy chapter is 50 pages long and it’s weightage is 10 marks or 15 marks out of 100 it should be given 4-5 days’ time as it will be important for the chapter to be studied properly.

Coming on the theoretical part of business studies the weightage must be considered for the self-study days of the chapter. And after completing the chapter its practical based question must be prepared well. And with same as the economics part also.

While talking about the whole time table of commerce stream in class 11th we can conclude that self-study is the best and most important thing through which any student can get full marks.

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