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Admin 03 Feb, 2022 0 Comments

How to Clear CA Exam in First Attempt?

How to Clear CA Exam in First Attempt?

CA is counted in the toughest exams lists in India. Lakhs of students appear for exams every year, but some of them are able to clear the exam, and so few of them clear the exam in 1st attempt and secure top rank. Many students who are willing to appear for the examination drop the plan at the time of entrance preparation, because of the passing percentage of students. Students only with strong determination can clear the exam with top rank. But the main query is why ICAI CA exams are so tough?


So, the one-word answer to this is the ‘vast syllabus’. Its syllabus is so vast that students find it difficult to prepare for so many things. From CA Foundation to CA Final, everything is like a challenge for the students. Students must have in-depth knowledge of each subject to get the ICAI exam result in the top rank. 


The starting challenge or the first challenge in CA is the Intermediate exam which has replaced CA IPCC. The syllabus of CA Intermediate has been divided into 2 groups and in 8 subjects. This step is counted as an intelligence test for students and thus, counted as the most critical part of CA. 


In CA Intermediate exam, Group 1 subjects are: Accounts, Costing, Law, and tax

And In Group 2, the subjects are Advance Accounts, Financial Management and Economics, Audit, and EIS & SM.

Can CA be completed on 1st attempt? Query from many-many aspirants.

The answer is obviously yes. From the day CA Institute has begun, there are many CA’s who cleared the ICAI exams in 1st attempt only. But it takes a lot of effort, practice, commitment, determination, self-confidence, and faith for an individual to clear CA in 1st attempt.

There are certain tips that might help you in clearing your CA examination in 1 attempt. 


1. Extend The Field of Study. It is difficult to clear the exam by selectively studying the topics. You have to revise all the topics perfectly. Skipping even a topic can prove your biggest mistake. Every single topic in the overall syllabus must be studied and thoroughly revised. This will help you in your whole career, not only in clearing the exam.


2. Maintain a distance from the social media world. I saw many aspirants searching for motivation on social media platforms but besides motivation, they also see some news which makes their mentality negative and thus, creates hurdle in their preparation. CA aspirants should make an effort to just surf the web for educational purposes and not to squander time on social media. Students can use internet to download solved question papers, notes, practice tests, and other materials, but they should not use it to waste time by playing games or using social media.


3. Review all sections in a holy manner. While beginning to learn a new topic, it's indeed to go over the previous things to make sure that the concepts are clear. Revising all the topics after completion of the one’s can make the studies more effective. Self-tests, solving previous year papers, problems solving sessions after every week's preparation will be more helpful.


4. For achieving the goals, prepare a smart strategy. A well-planned project is more likely to succeed. While studying for the CA exams, it is important to create and stick to a rigid timetable. The timetable should be carefully arranged to give weightage to all the topics covered in the syllabus. Relaxation intervals, sample tests, and time to practice previous year's question papers should all be included. Students can download a variety of timetables from the internet, or they can create their own timetable based on their preferences. 


5. Maintain a working knowledge of the theory subjects. Because there is a large volume of topics to be revised, one should be having great memorizing skills. To improve the skills and to complete the syllabus in a qualitative manner, aspirants should not forget that they have some theoretical portion also. Keeping yourself in touch with the theoretical portion can prove so helpful to secure the top rank in the CA examination.


6. Make it a habit to take notes while you're studying. While studying the various books and materials, take notes and make short tips to help you revise more quickly later. Revisions are essential at the time of the examination because the full syllabus cannot be covered in a single day. Quick revision can only be done by having short notes of key lessons on hand. They also make it easier to revise fast.


7. Practice your exam presentation abilities. Chartered Accountancy exams, unlike other competitive examinations, require aspirants to write short solutions and essay-type questions. As an outcome, candidates must work on improving the quality of their answers. As this is an exam in which presentations are important, candidates should work on improving their handwriting and studying from practice manuals on a regular basis. This will show them how to improve their presentation skills in the most effective way possible.


8. Keeping a positive attitude. This is the fuel that propels a person to act from the inside out. CA is a difficult exam by nature, and passing it necessitates a great deal of mental fortitude. Yoga and meditation help to strengthen the mind and thoughts, while nutritious food and adequate sleep help to strengthen the body.

These are some tips and tricks that can help you in clearing the examination.


IMPORTANT NOTE: One cannot clear the CA exam on 1st attempt if they are under any pressure. There are many students who are appearing in the examination under the pressure of their parents and to prove themselves in society, but they are doing the most foolish thing in their life. Parents also must understand that CA is not everyone’s cup of tea. They should also encourage their children to choose the faculty as per their choice.

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