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Admin 19 Nov, 2022 0 Comments

How to score 95+ marks in maths class 12th cbse board?

After the pandemic from last year the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) board has marked some changes in the format of class 10th & 12th examination as there are 2 term board exams and students have to score well in both of them.
For the students of commerce class 12th, it becomes difficult for them to focus as any examination creates a buffer in their mind.

The revised syllabus subjects are Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, English, The optional subjects are Mathematics, Informative Practices(I.P.), Hindi & Physical Education. When students opt for commerce with maths, the most difficult subject they find is maths itself. Many students get compartment in the subject because of less planning and strategical study. But There are certain tricks and techniques to score 95+ marks in maths class 12th exams.


Practice as more sample and previous year papers as you can.

To improve overall preparedness and confidence, attempt to solve as many questions from prior years' exams. The key to effective study is tackling a wide range of questions from several years to become familiar with the chapters and the exam format. First, finish the NCERT book completely before moving on to other authors' questions for in-depth practise.
Remember Nutty Mistakes. You will recognise the mistakes you are most likely to make after consistent practise. You'll gradually be more aware of such faults during your finals if you concentrate more on those troublesome areas.
Have your eyes on graphs and geometrical questions. If you pay attention to the relevant chapters just a tiny bit, the graphs and figures are quite eye-catching. Carry a sharpened pencil, eraser, and scale to accurately draw your figures. Verify the orderly completion of the graphical representations of the questions. If you have tackled these questions, don't forget to submit your main answer sheet and graph paper together.


Given tricks and techniques to score 95+ marks in maths class 12th exams:- 


1. Focus on steps format of mathematics- Pay close attention to the key processes that you used to arrive at a solution. You will receive full credit if you outline the procedures you took to arrive at your solution because it will show the examiner the functions or methodologies you used.


2. Practice every single question of the subject- To become more proficient at answering all kinds of questions, practise the chapters throughout the year. Start with NCERT questions of a moderate difficulty before moving on to questions of increasing difficulty. To improve your ability to respond to any form of applicable question, don't be afraid to practise answering a variety of questions from the syllabus.
Keep the formulas on notebook and on hand. Maintain a dedicated notepad where you can list all the important formulas, techniques, ideas, and functions of the chapter. This will make it easier for you to remember the key details of each chapter and will be helpful whenever you practise them. This will be very helpful to you as you can easily revise last-minute.


3. Do everything before time and left nothing for last minute- Do not thought about getting ready until the last few months. Plan to constantly stay in contact with the subject and gain a thorough comprehension of the syllabus at least 6-7 months before the anticipated date of final exams. Chapters must be organised and distributed systematically.


4. Don’t ruin your present because of future tension- The less you practise a topic, the more terrified you will be of it, and math is one of those subjects. Take each chapter one at a time, and start practising as soon as possible in accordance with what is being taught in courses. This will make learning simple for you and save any stress from having to finish all the chapters at once.


5. Get yourself into online or offline coaching- Getting yourself into a best online or offline coaching can help you get more and more marks in the commerce subjects. Telling you all about online coaching which is Any Time Classes (ATC).


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