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How to start class 11th? | Moving from 10th to 11th


Just completed your 10th? Stressed to how to proceed further. Don’t take stress, we’ll remove your worries regarding the new stream subjects.


When a student gets into class 11th, they get to know the new subjects especially talking about commerce students as Business Studies and Accountancy is a whole new subject for students. Although arts and science stream subjects are also new but the newness is of the content of the textbooks, not the change in subjects as students earlier studied history, geography, political science as of arts subjects and biology, physics, chemistry are also studies subjects in previous classes.


Going From Class 10th to Class 11th

After completing the class 10th board exams, students choose the stream of their choice. Once your 10th grade examinations are over, you should be aware that the 11th grade will mark the beginning of a very important chapter in your life. Here is a collection of the greatest advice and methods to help you overcome this small step in your secondary education and create a successful study plan for class 11.


Tips for class 11th

  • Make a timetable - Planning a schedule will assist you in juggling your studies with other daily activities. Simply said, doing this is one of the most important things you can do to effectively manage your time and plan your day. Create a timetable for the entire day, from when you wake up until you go to bed. Create a schedule for your day that includes your study time at regular times divided across the several subjects. It is advisable to make a list of the topics you plan to study each day. After you finish studying each subject, keep checking or crossing it out.


  • Don't follow the studies blindly - Scheduling your study time is an effective technique to come up with a plan for how to prepare for class 11, but it's also important to make sure that you're carrying out your daily responsibilities effectively. A day shouldn't have too many tasks. Make sure to divide the five subjects in each stream of class 11 equally over the course of the week and allocate the appropriate amount of time. Avoid placing too much pressure on yourself, stop choosing dozens of subjects at once, and instead break them into five or six topics.


  • Combine different techniques - One of the most popular methods for learning effectively is to combine different techniques. Choose two topics per day and alternate between them (not more than twice). Your capacity to understand and recall information will be significantly improved by this practice. Continue switching up the disciplines and subjects every week to avoid getting bored and to maximize your ability to cover the entire curriculum. Consider taking a theoretical and a practical course; this will help you focus more effectively.


  • Work Wisely - One of the most popular hints and tips for students in class 11 is to understand how to study effectively rather than inhaling information. Most students who take a stream and are introduced to new subjects after finishing grade 10 tend to become confused. Regardless of your field of study, there are many students that employ methods to help them memorize material. Understanding each topic rather than simply remembering it is the key to learning. An understanding of a subject will stick in your long-term memory. You will better understand a subject if you have a clear understanding of its fundamentals. Wherever you need it, ask your teachers for assistance.


  • Participate in Outdoor Events - One of the most important things you should include in your everyday routine is physical activity. Doing different physical sports keeps your mind and body busy, which will allow your body to continue to develop and breathe. For increased focus and concentration, students can also attempt meditation. Your memory will improve by 20% if you meditate for 30 minutes each day.


We therefore hope that this blog has given you insight into the greatest study ideas and techniques you may use in class eleven. Anytime classes provide students not just book knowledge but the practical knowledge also. We help students in concept clearance and case studies as well. With animated lectures, students found the study interesting and easy to understand.


With that, we provide notes for class-11th, 12th, C.A. Foundation and intermediate. If you want to pursue your career in commerce from class-11th to Chartered Accountancy examination, ATC is the right platform for you.



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