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CBS IT Environment



  • The Server is a sophisticated computer that accepts service requests from different machines called clients. The requests are processed by the server and sent back to the clients.
  • There are different types of servers used in deploying CBS. Some are:


Application Server

  • All the transactions of the customer are processed by the data center.
  • The Application Server performs necessary operations and this updates the account of the customer in the centralized database server.
  • Thus, any operations in a customer account at any branch is updated at the centralized database.
  • The application software, which is on application server should always be latest.
  • The application software is never static and would require some changes due to bugs discovered or a change in the process or any other justified reason.


  • Such changes are never made directly into the live application server. These changes are made to a separate server called a test server.
  • The programs are debugged and certified that the program is now amended as required and performs as expected.
  • The latest application software will be moved into the application server under proper authority.
  • The earlier version would be archived and the latest copy of the software would always  have a backup copy.


Database Server

  • The Database Server of the Bank contains the entire data of the Bank. Application software would access the database server. The data contained in the database must be very secure and no direct access should be permitted to prevent unauthorized changes.
  • Strict discipline is followed regarding the maintenance of the database server; there is a designated role for maintenance of the data base called Database Administrator. His activities will also be monitored as all changes made would be recorded in a Log.
  • Security aspects of database servers are an audit concern.
  • Apart from the normal application server, the Automated Teller Machine Server (ATMS) and Internet Banking Application Server (IBAS) would also access the Database Server.


Automated Teller Machines (ATM) Channel Server

  • This server contains the details of ATM account holders. Soon after the facility of using the ATM is created by the Bank, the details of such customers are loaded on to the ATM server.



Internet Banking Channel Server (IBCS)

  • Just as in the case of ATM servers, where the details of all the account holders who have ATM facility are stored, the Internet Banking Channel server stores the user name and passwords of all the internet banking customers. IBCS (Internet Banking Channel Server) software stores the name and password of the entire internet banking customers.


Internet Banking Application Server

  • The Internet Banking Software which is stored in the IBAS (Internet Banking Application Server) authenticates the customer with the login details stored in the IBCS.


Web Server

  • The Web Server is used to host all web services and internet related software. All the online requests and websites are hosted and serviced through the web server. All computers that host Web sites must have Web server programs.



Proxy Server

  • A Proxy Server is a computer that offers a computer network service to allow clients to make



indirect network connections to other network services like internet.

  • A client connects to the proxy server, and then requests a connection, file, or other resource available on a different server. The proxy provides the resource either by connecting to the specified server or by serving it from a cache.


Anti-Virus Software Server

  • The Anti-Virus Server is used to host anti-virus software which is deployed for ensuring all the software deployed are first scanned to ensure that appropriate virus/ malware scans are performed.



A Core Banking Solution is the enterprise resource planning software of a bank.

CBS is modular in nature and is generally implemented for all functions or for core functions as decided by the bank.

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