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Artificial Intelligence

Definition: Intelligence, as defined as; ‘The ability to use memory, knowledge, experience, understanding, reasoning, imagination and judgement to solve problems and adapt to new situations”.

The ability described above when exhibited by machines is called as Artificial intelligence (AI). It is intelligence exhibited by machines. For example:

  • This technology is being is being used in autonomous vehicles, the Google car.
  • Apple online assistant SIRI is supposed to use it.



Artificial Intelligence is being used in the following applications:

  • Autonomous vehicles (such as drones and self-driving cars);
  • Medical diagnosis, in cancer research. Predicting the chances of an individual getting ill by a disease;
  • Creating art (such as poetry);










  • Proving mathematical theorems;
  • Playing games (such as Chess or Go), and predicting the outcomes. Say which number on a lottery ticket may win;
  • Search engines (such as Google search);
  • Online assistants (such as Siri);


  • AI relies heavily of data it gets. Incorrect data can lead to incorrect conclusions.
  • AI (robots) carries a securitythreats. Countries are discussing to have a KILL button in all AI capable machines. This is important otherwise some day machine may start controlling humans.
  • AI in long term may kill human skills of thinking the unthinkable.  All  data shall be processed in a structured manner, where machines shall provide solution based on their learning over a period of time. These machines shall not have capability of thinking out of box.



  • The set of controls in AI will be extremely complex because of the  nature   of processing of information and must be dealt with  based on the  nature  of the AI tool and the purpose, etc.

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