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Benefits Of E-Business

Benefits to Customer / Individual / User

  • Convenience: Product at fingertips on internet
  • Various Options: There are various options => easy to compare
  • Anytime Access: Midnight access to e- commerce is available
  • Time saving: No. of operations performed increase
  • Easy to find reviews: Reviews from previous customers => provides valuable feedback
  • Coupon and Deals: Discount coupons and reward => encourage online transaction.

Benefits to Business / Sellers

  • Creation of new markets: This is done through the ability to easily  and cheaply reach potential customers.
  • Easier entry into new markets: This is especially into geographically remote  markets, for enterprises regardless of size and location.
  • Increased Customer Base: number of people getting online is increasing, creating new customers.
  • Provides a dynamic market: competition provides a dynamic market  which enhances quality and business.
  • Elimination of Time Delays: seamless processing eliminates time delays.

–Efficiency improvement due to:

  • Reduction in timeto complete business transactions, particularly  from  delivery to payment.
  • Reduction in errors, time, for information processingby eliminating requirements for re-entering data.
  • Reduction in inventories and reduction of risk of obsolete  inventories  through just-in- time inventory and integrated manufacturing techniques.

─Reduction in costs:

  • To buyers from increased competition.
  • To suppliers by electronically accessing databases of opportunities.
  • In overhead costs through uniformity, automation,  and  large-scale integration of management processes.
  • Advertising costs.


Benefits to Government

  • Instrument to fight corruption: In line with Government’s vision.
  • Reduction in use of ecologically damaging materials through electronic coordination of activities and the movement of information rather than physical objects.

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