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Green IT

  • Green IT refers to the study and practice of using computers and IT resources in a more efficient and environment friendly way.
  • Computers consume a lot of
    • natural resources,



  • raw materialsto manufacture,
  • the power to run, and
  • problems ofdisposing them.
  • Objective of Green computing is the environment friendly use of computers and related resources.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced the concept of Energy  Star label to promote energy efficiency in hardware of all kinds.


Green Computing Best Practices

The work habits of computer users and businesses can be modified to minimize adverse impact on the global environment.


Steps for Green IT


Green Computing Plan


Environment friendly


Reduce           Paper Consumption

Conserve Energy


  • Govt. Guidelines
  • Organizational policies & plans
  • Organizational commitment
    • Recycling,
    • Disposal of used equipment,
    • Green computing
  • reduction of:
    • Power Consumption
    • Paper consumption,
  • Use cloud computing



  • Dispose e-waste according to
    • central,
    • state and
    • local regulations;
  • Manufacturers must offer safe end-of-life management and recycling options
  • Recycle computers through manufacturer's recycling services
  • Discard used or unwanted electronic equipment In responsible manner



  • Purchase environment friendly computers;
  • Recognize manufacturer efforts to reduce the environmental impact; and
  • Use Servers and storage virtualization that can help to  improve  resource utilization



  • use of e-mail and electronic storage instead of paper printouts;
  • Use online marketing rather than paper based marketing;
  • online invoicing solutions; and
  • use both sides of the paper, use smaller fonts and selectively  print  required  pages.



  • Use LCD rather than CRT;
  • Use thin clients which are smaller, cheaper, than traditional PCs and use less  power;
  • Use laptops rather than desktop computers;
  • Use the power-management features like to turn off hard  drives  and  displays after several minutes of inactivity;
  • Power-down the CPU and all peripherals when not in use; and
  • Adapt Video conferencing instead of travelling.


Green IT Security Services and Challenges

  • The basic aim of ‘Green IT Security Services’ is to reduce the energy consumption of customer and move towards sustainable computing technology.
  • Green IT services give benefit to the clients
  • Green IT also focuses on reducing the environmental impact of the organization.
  • How to evaluate a client's infrastructure is a real vital issue.
  • It is still in evolving stage

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