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Installed Applications V/S Web Applications

  1. Using Software: These are the two ways
  1. Installed Applications are programs installed on the hard disc of the user’s computer.
  2. Web Applications are not installed on the hard disc of the user’s computer, it is installed on a web server and it is accessed using a browser and internet connection.


Installed Application

Web Application

Installation                                          & Maintenance

Software is installed on hard disc of the computer used by user,

it  needs  to  be  installed/updated                                                                      on every computer one by one.

Software is installed on only one computer, i.e. a web server,


user needs to go the computer only to work, i.e. the computer where software is installed.

it can be used from any computer in the world. Access to the software becomes very easy. Also, it can be used 24 x 7.

Mobile Application

Using the software through mobile application is difficult in this case.

Using mobile application becomes very easy as data is available 24 x 7.

Data Storage

Data is physically stored in the computer hard disc. Hence user will have full control over the data.

Data is not stored in the user’s server computer. It is stored  on a web server. Hence user will not have any control over the data.

Data Security

User have full control so high security.

Data security is a big challenge as it is not in control of the user or owner of data.


faster than web application and can run without internet.

As data is picked from web server using internet, speed of operation may be slower.




Installed applications shall have more flexibility and controls as compared to web application.

Web applications do not even compare to the flexibility of desktop applications.



ii.Cloud-based Applications

These days many organizations do not want to install Financial Applications on their own IT infrastructure. For many organizations think, it is not their primary function to operate complex IT systems and to have a dedicated IT team and hardware which requires hiring highly skilled IT resources and to maintain the hardware and software to run daily operations. The costs may become prohibitive.


 Non-Integrated System

A Non-Integrated System is a system of maintaining data in a decentralized way. Each department shall maintain its own data separately and not in an integrated way. This is the major problem with non-integrated systems.

In a non-integrated environment where all the departments are working independently and using their own set of data. They need to communicate with each but still they use their own data.

This results in two major problems:

  • Communication Gaps
  • Mismatched Data

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