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What is Information?

Data is a raw fact.

Procedures are required to process data so that it is meaningful to user.

Process is collecting data and then transforming/ processing it to create information.

Information System

  • Information System (IS) is a combination of people, hardware, software, network and data that processes data for a specific purpose.
  • This information system aims to support operation management and decision-making function

Information system has 3 steps

  • Input: Data is collected from internal or external sources and converted into suitable format for processing.
  • Process: A process is a series of steps undertaken to achieve desired outcome or goal.
  • Output: Then information is stored for future use or communicated to user.

IS Helps in making decisions, control operations, analyze problems and create new products or services as an output.


Characteristics Of Computer Based Information Systems

  • All systems work for predetermined objectives
  • System has several interrelated and interdependent subsystems.
  • No subsystem can function in isolation. If one subsystem or component of a system fails; in most of the cases, the whole system does not work.
  • different subsystems interact with each other.
  • The goal of individual subsystem is of lower priority than the goal of the entire system.


What Are the Components of Information System?


It is a combination of people, hardware, Software, network and data

  • People are end users and IT specialists;
  • Hardware are machines and media;
  • Software are System & application software
  • Network is to connect computers and devices
  • Data is processed to get information

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