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Admin 20 Feb, 2023 0 Comments

Preparation Strategy to Score High in CA Intermediate Group-1

Given that the 2022 CA Intermediate exam pattern is entirely new, everyone thinks how to prepare. Students, however, are still unable to determine the optimum method of preparing for the CA Inter group 1. It's time to put everything away for the moment and concentrate solely on your study. 
As you already know, passing the CA Intermediate exam requires a minimum score of 40% in each topic and a total score of 50 percent across all subjects. 

Eight subjects and two groups make up the CA Intermediate syllabus. There are specific aspects in each subject that are both vital and time-efficient, despite the fact that you must complete the entire course and understand everything. You should strive for a high CA Intermediate score or even a single-digit rank, though. 
Now let us begin to examine the group 1st preparation method for each subject. 
First, an accounting study plan 
Accounting is regarded as a subject that scores highly in CA Intermediate and CA IPCC. Students have typically been able to cover their overall % from the Accounting paper. 
The subjects covered in this course include:
1 Accounting Standard (Besides AS it includes the formation of AS, IND AS, IFRS)
2 Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements as per Accounting Standards
3 Companies Accounts
4Accounting for Special Transactions.
5 Special Type of Accounting
6 Partnership Accounting (Amalgamation, conversion into the company, sale to company, and issues related to LLP).

Second Corporate and Other Laws Study Plan 

The two categories are covered by Corporate and Other Laws. Company law is one of them, and other legislation is the second. Company Law is worth 60 marks, and the remaining material is worth 40. 
The course is highly extensive and requires periodic proper revision. In this topic, mnemonics are essential for helping students retain the material and recall it during tests. Scores and a significant amount are covered by company law. Other Laws are 40 marks long but not as long as business Law.

Third, Cost and Management Accounting Study Plan

The majority of students find costing to be a very fascinating subject. Once more, this is a practical subject, therefore you must have a firm grasp of your principles before attempting any questions. 
Always start with the fundamental ideas and thoroughly read the theory. Understanding the formulas will prevent confusion on the exam from learning them. But if you really comprehend them, you won't ever be perplexed. One such example is standard costing, which is simple for students who are familiar with the formulas but difficult for those who are working hard to master them.

Fourth, research the taxation plan. 

Indirect Taxes and Income Tax are the two categories into which taxes are broken up. 40 marks are covered by indirect taxes and 60 marks are covered by income tax. The theory and application portions of the taxation paper are well balanced. 
Understanding every clause is essential to passing this exam and doing well in your articleship. Priority one should be to keep heads. At the Intermediate level, salaries and residential property are regarded as being extremely essential. Your paper will always contain a query from the salary head. It's crucial to learn at least the charging section of the section number.







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