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CA Intermediate Study Plan

Admin 17 Jan, 2022 0 Comments

CA Intermediate Study Plan for Exams in 2022

CA Intermediate Study Plan for Exams in 2022   


Only about 20% of CA Intermediate students passed the exam in December 2021. Is the outcome discouraging you? Do you believe that achieving an Intermediate result is a difficult task?


For Intermediate, Foundation, and Final level CA Coaching, ATC offers targeted and devoted services.


The second level of the CA course is intermediate. The CA Intermediate curriculum has eight papers that must be completed in order to be eligible for the final course. CA Intermediate Exams are held in May and November by the ICAI. Soon after registering for CA Intermediate, students must devote 8 months to studying for the CA intermediate exams, which is required by the ICAI.


Students are typically discouraged by such a low score and lose focus and excitement while studying for the intermediate level. With so much negativity in the world, it's difficult for students to stay focused on their studies.

Let us assist you to understand why before we go on to the best CA intermediate study plan 2022.


What causes so many students to fail CA exams?


There is far too much negativity in the air.

Because the pass rate for the CA course is only 2-5 percent, you will naturally encounter more failures than victors. When you ask or counsel students who have not passed the tests, you will receive negative feedback, which might demotivate and lead to misinformation.


There is no sufficient guidance.


The syllabus is updated and amended by the ICAI on a regular basis. It also adjusts the exam pattern in response to market demand and expectations. Many CA coaching institutes are unable to keep their syllabuses up to date in accordance with the ICAI and hence allow their pupils to learn from outdated materials.

ATC has identified the difficulties and developed a study strategy that enables students to not only pass CA intermediate examinations but also to get high rankings and be the top student.


The ATC Best CA Intermediate Study Plan is comprised of three sections. The study plan answers three fundamental and critical questions for students preparing for the CA intermediate examinations in 2022.

  • What should you study?
  • What is the best way to study?
  • & When should you study?


You will undoubtedly pass the CA intermediate exams with flying colors if you adhere to this study plan with complete dedication and honesty.


What should you study for the CA intermediate exams in 2022?


The amount of study material available online and in bookstores should not mislead students. There are a total of eight papers in the CA intermediate. Group 1 had four papers, while Group 2 had four papers as well.





Group 1





1) Accounting

100 (30:70)

30% MCQ
70% Subjective

2a) Corporate laws

2b) other laws



3) Cost and management accounting

100 (30:70)

30% MCQ
70% Subjective

4a) Income tax law
4b) indirect taxes

Group 2




5) Advance accounting


30% MCQ
70% Subjective

6) Auditing and assurance


30% MCQ
70% Subjective

7a) Enterprise information system

7b) Strategic management



8) Financial Management and Economics for finance


The compiler of previous year's question papers, mock test papers, RTP, sample papers, ATC online lectures notes, and examiner's remark copies are all excellent study aids for the CA intermediate 2022 exams in these areas.


ATC gives the best study materials compilers, which we believe are sufficient for students to achieve good grades. The intermediate compiler from CA is included.

  1. Syllabus of the ICAI

  2. ICAI research materials

  3.  Question paper from the previous year with suggested answers

  4. Papers for practice tests

  5. Papers for revision tests

  6. 30:70 Assessment Sample Questions

  7. Techniques for Intermediate Exams


You will obtain a revised ICAI syllabus and study material with this study material. The ATC faculty assists students in comprehending the study content in simple terms, allowing them to grasp it more easily.


The student learns the skills to answer the previous year's question paper in a similar format as suggested answers by practicing the previous year's question paper and answering it in a similar style as suggested answers.


How should I prepare for the CA intermediate 2022 exams?


Studying time: 10-12 hours each day


  • Accounts, Cost accounting, and Advance accounting are the subjects to edit on a daily basis (4 hours practical daily)
  • Law, Eco, and SM are the subjects to revise on a weekly basis. (Schedule one weekday)
  • Audit, Enterprise information systems are among the subjects to be revised every two weeks (15 days) (Assign the number of hours to be devoted to each subject)
  1. Select a suitable study location for yourself.

  2. The seat should be comfortable, and there should be adequate lighting in the space.

  3. While studying, sit in a comfortable and elevated position.

  4. There should be no interruptions when you are studying.

  5. Make precise notes and highlight crucial points with a marker.

  6. Make use of updated syllabus compilers.


When should you prepare for the CA intermediate 2022 exams?


Your dedication to studying is required by the study plan. This CA Intermediate study plan can be used to prepare for the 2022 tests.

You will have seven months to prepare for your tests. Students should establish a monthly goal for themselves and be able to complete the entire CA intermediate course syllabus.

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