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Tips on Time Management to Crack CA Exam

Tips on Time Management to Crack CA  Exam

Management of time is a basic and essential need in every field. Time doesn’t wait for anyone; you have to work with time in a manner to achieve the goals you’ve settled. If you are an employee in any company, you have to be so punctual that to reach the office on time, submit your work on time and do everything on time. As same, if you are a student, you must have a knowledge of time, how to manage time.

Historians say time is more precious than water. So, if you want to live a healthy and wealthy life, you must have knowledge of time management.

Q. What is Good, Qualitative or Quantitative Time Management.

Time management can be done in 2 manners; one is qualitative and the other is quantitative. Now let us understand the difference between both.

Quantitative time management means doing the maximum number of things in less time or in normal time without any information that the work is done perfectly or not. On the other hand, qualitative time management means doing the scheduled number of things in the scheduled time and with full information that the work has been done in a perfect manner.

If an individual has to choose between both, he/she will choose qualitative time management.

For Example- a CA aspirant schedules the timetable to complete 3 chapters in a day at any cost. On the day end aspirant completed the 3 chapters, but at the time of the practice test he/she get to know that he/she is unable to remember the 1st and 2nd chapter. This proves that quantitative methods are not so effective.

Talking, about CA, i.e., Chartered accountant studies, students who are appearing for the examination must prepare a timetable to cover the revised syllabus indicated by ICAI.
But the question that arises in students’ minds is how many hours of study is mandatory or required for CA IPCC examinations?

After having a conversation with many successful chartered accountants, I concluded that students must devote their 7-8 hours to studying every day.

But apart from these 7-8 hours of studies, students must be following some rules and some measures to clear the IPCC examination in 1 attempt.

A.} CA Aspirants must be doing some exercises or daily walking to avoid health-related problems in between their preparation period.

B.} They should maintain a healthy diet plan with all kinds of proteins, minerals, vitamins, etc.

C.} Daily early morning meditation, to be positive all day.

D.} Lesser interaction with social media platforms to avoid negative thoughts at the time of the study.

E.} Set a daily timetable and cover it at any cost, even if you have crossed 7-8 hours of time goal.

Cover all these points and start your CA IPCC preparation today.


Let us give you some time management tips and tricks to get effective results.

  1. Ask Yourself. The 1st tip that can help you with time management is asking yourself why to manage the time and then preparing an agenda to deal with it.
  2. Make Use of an Agenda. As explained earlier, you must prepare an agenda to complete undone tasks.
  3. Avoid distractions as much as possible. Being an aspirant, you must be avoiding the distractions like social media platforms, long chatting with friends, calls, etc.
  4. Study in breaks. After starting your day with meditation, devote an hour to study and then take a break and after 1 hour of break, study for almost 3 hours non-stop and then study in this manner daily.
  5. Set Objectives for each study session. Set your goal for each study session, which means covering a topic in every session.
  6. On day ending, test yourself. After studying for a whole day, take your test at night and then you’ll be knowing how much you’ve understood properly and how much is still unprepared.

Q. How much time does it take to prepare for IPCC?

According to us, 3 months will be the right answer for this. One can prepare for IPCC in 3 months as you can easily finish your practical subjects in two months and if you focus on theory subjects for at least the first 20 days you will be having 10 more days to revise all the portions.

But also, with correct time management, you can complete the IPCC preparation in 60 days, for example,

A/c = 9days x 10hrs=90hrs

Costing= 6days x 10hrs=60hrs

FM= 6days x 10hrs=60hrs

Income Tax= 10days x 10 hrs=100hrs

ST, VAT= 2days x 10hrs=20hrs

Adv a/c= 9days x 10hrs=90hrs

Law= 7days x 10hrs=70hrs

Audit= 6days x 10hrs=60hrs

IT= 3days x 10hrs=30hrs

SM= 2days x 10hrs=20hrs

Total 60 days and if we calculate the time so it will be a total of 600 hours.

These subjects can be studied in any order as you can also make your timetable according to your preferences but keep 1 thing in mind do qualitative study rather than quantitative study.

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