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Admin 13 Feb, 2023 0 Comments

Ways to increase concentration power during board exam

Every state or city conduct board exams for the students of class 10th and 12th as lakhs or thousands of students appear for the same. At the time, students get so many thoughts from the society, friends, teachers, and everyone they meet. These thoughts generally make students lose the concentration. And for the proper study pattern concentration is must.


First let describe concentration before learning how to concentrate. It is the ability to focus and direct your attention to a specific thing or topic at will. This ability is present in almost everyone.


Your mind realises the value of paying attention and concentrating on something. You make a conscious decision to focus on a topic or watch an educational documentary. The level of concentration is determined by your level of enjoying or interest in the subject.


A list of factors that stop you from concentrating properly.


  • Interruptions - As previously stated, we must contend with numerous distractions while studying. It could be anything depending on one’s study room's surroundings.


  • Inadequate Sleep - Because of stress, our minds do not get enough rest. Improper sleep cycles and timing disrupt our ability to think and learn.


  • Absence of External Activities - Not spending enough time playing outside or socialising in a positive way is another cause of lack of concentration.


  • Eating Habits - Good eating habits will ensure that your brain gets the right food to work with. Good eating habits can also help you sleep better and keep your appetite in check.


Ways to Improve the Concentration


  • Eliminate interruptions- Create your own study space that has less noise. Many aspirants generally practicise their minds to concentrate on the topics they are studying or to solve a problem even in a crowded environment. You can do this by learning to meditate and practise concentration exercises.


  • Mindfulness- There are a variety of exercises you can try to improve your concentration level. One of the most effective methods is to concentrate on one task at a time. In the beginning, this is the most important thing for improving concentration. Meditation in the morning is also extremely beneficial.


  • Study Intervals- Allow your mind to process the information you've been generating or learning for hours. Study for an hour or less, then take a 10-minute break. Do this again and again and if you want you can increase the time by 5 minutes and can take a long break once in the study pattern.   Go for a walk or engage in enjoyable stuff to clear your mind. This allows you to study for longer periods of time without becoming tired.


  • Avoid screen time- Now this is the most important point is when students during the exam period engages in screen time by watching videos and reels, their brain takes more energy to digest the things in the brain and thus ruins the concentration and make students exam worst.


Choosing a location to revise is essential for keeping concentration. Make sure you find a pleasant position with a large enough table to spread out all of your books. Find a comfortable temperature, perfect lighting, and a place where you won't be disturbed. Make it clear to your friends and/or family that you are not to be disturbed while revising. Once you realise you have to stay still and focus on one task for an extended period of time, it is easy to become distracted. When you enter the examination room or take a seat to revise, be aware of everything that may distract you and learn to turn a blind eye.  People will ask to leave the exam room to use the restroom or to get more paper; be prepared for movement around you and don't look at them.


When you sit at a desk for a long period of time, due to gravity blood to pool in the lower half of your body, preventing oxygen from reaching your brain, which can cause loss of concentration. So, take regular breaks to stand up and walk around to increase blood flow and rejuvenate your focus.



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