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What are the Benefits of Choosing Commerce after Class 10th?

What are the Benefits of Choosing Commerce after Class 10th?


When a student completes his class 10th examination, the first and the most important thing that almost every student go through is choosing a right stream. Students stands up with 3 main subject choosing options that are Science, Commerce and Arts. 3 of the streams plays an important role in career life. What you will be, begins from the day you choose your subject stream.

Streams affecting career

Choosing science after class 10th can lead you choose your career option in any field, (i.e., Science, commerce & arts) although a commerce student can choose up to commerce and arts faculty only in college, resulting arts student can choose only arts subjects.


Benefits with Commerce

There are certain benefits to choose each stream, but let me explain you with of commerce.

  1. After selecting for commerce in class 11th students have more of practical things.
  2. The business and start-up life is now in trend and many aspirants are opting for it, so as studying business studies, accountancy and economics in class 11th can help aspirants to build up their future in this field.
  3. Benefit that entertains more in this field is that student who has opted for commerce in class 11th and 12th can become a finance lawyer and can work with any venture or any MNC, with a healthy income.
  4. In commerce field, there is a balance of practical and theoretical subjects.
  5. Accountancy is practical and business studies is theoretical but it has case studies which students finds interesting.
  6. Economics have both aspects as having 2 subjects in both classes.
  7. Not one, two but there are even many career options after class 12th.
  8. For one’s dream to be a Chartered Accountant, Class 11th and 12th’s commerce builds up a base.


Study manner


Commerce needs to be practiced in a proper manner, with proper school studies, with a coaching and self-study.

Let me help you with the coaching aspect with a home sitting mentor. ATC is a new gen. mentor application which helps students to learn more sitting right on your home.

With MCQ tests, notes, and proper animated interesting lectures by top educators of India.


Why Any Time Classes ?

  1. Any Time Classes accountancy coaching provides students a healthy knowledge of theory as well calculative classes to make learning enjoyable, understandable, easy.
  2. India’s best CA professor Dr. PS Rathore Sir will teach the student with his experience over years and make the learning of accountancy an easy task.
  3. Qualitative knowledge over Quantitative.
  4. Study material.
  5. MCQ’s tests.
  6. Question solving methods.
  7. Practical teaching with graphical animation rather than boring seating offline lectures.


Benefits by Any Time Classes 

What ATC benefits you in 11th or 12th or CA online classes.


You Can Take Online Classes from, Anywhere and Anytime. We provide you with recorded lectures that will help you to attend the session anytime, anywhere. As you know that when you do your CA Classes from any institute and do any job at the same time. It is not possible for you to take classes, due to which your studies suffer a lot and you also lag behind other students. So, to avoid this problem, you have ATC which provides you with the Best CA Online Classes so that you can complete it anywhere, wherever you are working and even you will also be able to spend your day with family too.


Now you must have noticed that we are not able to pay much attention to studies in institutes or intuition. Either because of too much noise or sometimes it happens that your friends engage you in talking so that your focus cannot be on any topic. Whereas in Online Classes we have an opportunity to concentrate on our topics easily. And we can easily avoid the sounds by wearing headphones.


Now it is true to a large extent that colleges and institutes charge a lot of fees from the students and even when you go to college, you also incur a lot of cost of traveling and it wastes a lot of your hours. Along with this, there are many such parents who have to take a loan to pay the fees of their children. But if we talk about your online course, then ATC reduces your cost. Because you can complete the CA Classes anywhere, that too at a very low-cost price without any extra traveling fee even it also assures you that you complete your course at less cost With Maximum Marks.

If you want any knowledge about what really is ATC, you can check out the website-

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Don’t waste your time, Start your Preparation from now.

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