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Admin 28 Oct, 2022 0 Comments

Why most aspirants fails to complete CA?

Aspirants generally lack proper knowledge of the CA course while filling the form of the examination and thus afterwards their attempts fail to get them cleared.

Also there are certain more reasons that students commit and thus fail to clear the CA examination.

1. Choosing wrong coaching- This point can be explained in a defined manner as who tells which coaching is best and which coaching is worst. Students reviews who already took classes from a coaching can tell other students who are searching for coaching. In simple words, taking the review of ex-students of any coaching can tell about the passing rate and study manner of the coaching. Students review can be taken through the Internet mode.

2. Not studying with time table- Time table can be beneficial for some students and waste for others, time table is generally a waste for students who don’t follow it. Having a proper manner of study with time management will help a lot to students. But students generally start their preparation without any time table and then say we didn’t get any “me-time” or even self-study time. Thus, time table is a most important aspect of any competitive exam.

3. Lack of proper planning- This point can be explained like when any aspirant chose or decides to opt for CA course after 12th or while running 12th and don’t make any strategy to how to study can let them fail the examination. In other words, planning each level of CA course can only let you clear the examination. Managing the time to study different subjects, marking the important topics, short-listing the queries of important topics, correctly analyzing reference books or any study material, analyzing questions through different sample papers and previous year questions. Through these techniques students can clear the examination with a good score.

4. Social interaction- Social interaction is a main cause of failures in CA examination now-a-days. Social interaction is defined in the two ways, one is the interaction of students with news articles and people through social media mode, which can be let them down or demotivated very easily as if any article they read contains negative news can influence their mind to think negative. And the second one is when any aspirant socially means physically interact with people and spend hours talking to them can waste their time of self-preparation and thus let students fail the CA examination.

5. Lack of time to self-preparation- As I mentioned in the previous point that students waste their time meeting people physically and spending time talking to them and wasting the time of self-preparation. Also the another point of self-preparation is students like to spend time in coaching’s and in group study sometimes and avoiding self-preparation which is the most wrong task as self-preparation is the main and most important thing to clear the CA examination.

These are some wrong tasks done by students through which they fail to clear the CA examination.

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