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Why you failed in CA Exams | Reasons & Solutions | Clear ICAI May 2023 exam

The success rate of ICAI exams is less than 8%, based on the most recent data of January CA pass percentage provided by ICAI. There is no question as to why it is one of the country's most difficult national exams in the area of commerce. Have you ever questioned "Why" students have such a hard time passing the three-level CA test (CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final)? If so, you are not the only one. With each level up, from CA Foundation to CA Intermediate to CA Final, the level of difficulty increases.


Reasons for CA Exams failure results


Absence of Appropriate Preparation - It is crucial for applicants to pull up their socks in terms of pre-planning their steps, regardless of whether they are taking the Chartered Accountancy test or any other national level finance exam.


Lack of good preparation in terms of time management across different subjects, shortlisting the relevant topics, understanding and evaluating study material, incorrect question interpretation, and other factors are some of the major reasons why students fail the CA Examinations.


Although there isn't a set strategy for passing the CA exam, candidates can benefit from advice on time management strategies and an overall strategy.


Solutions for CA Exams Failure Results


  • Prepare a diary and write everything you do in a day. Split the total time you want to spend on each subject into equal parts. Follow your interests as you move forward. Keep track of your goals, and feel free to adjust your study schedule or plan as necessary. 
  • A healthy body also requires a minimum of 7 hours of appropriate sleep each night. And so, this is also an important point to make failures into success.
  • Lack of Conceptual Clarity - For subjects like Economic Laws, Accounting, Tax Laws, Advanced Auditing, and others, it is crucial for CA candidates to understand the themes in-depth. Combining subjects and subheadings won't help with subjective or objective CA exam questions.
  • To properly learn the principles, should use internet in the proper way. Keep in mind that you should not switch topics just to finish the syllabus. Give yourself time instead. You can take your time studying because there is no cap on how many times a candidate can attempt the CA tests.
  • Preparing that is inconsistent will not yield positive results for any exam. Candidates taking the Chartered Accounting examinations must therefore be knowledgeable about the subjects covered in the question papers.
  • Recognize that waiting will prevent you from moving forward in the process of becoming a chartered accountant. Always maintain consistency in your strategy. The time you wasted is lost forever, so keep that in mind. Don't put off doing future tasks.
  • Plan ahead according to what works best for you. If possible, attempt to define and monitor weekly or monthly targets.
  • Ambiguity in Following the Test Pattern - Several applicants fail the exam because they begin studying for it without first consulting the exam layout. For all three levels, the ICAI specifies the official exam formats.


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