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Central thrust of BPR

There are three thrust area of BPR

  1. Customers need is recorded by the organization
  2. Customer cycle time
  3. Customers need satisfier is provided by the organization



Customer need is recorded. Special thrust is made to improve the quality at reduced cost. Improvement in quality and reduction of cost can be a customer’s satisfier points.


BPR thrust Area is identified as “the reduction of total cycle time of business process.”  BPR aims at reducing the cycle time of process by eliminating the unwanted and redundant steps. BPR eliminates the transit and waiting times as far as possible.


Customers need satisfier is provided by the organization by focusing on continuous improvement in the process to satisfy the present and future need of customer.

Customer need satisfier is provided by looking the beyond the functional interest or departmental interest rather it looks for multidimensional approach for improving the business process.


Rationale behind BPR

Following are rationale or reason behind BPR

  1. Improving business process
  2. Adopting Technological Changes
  3. Awareness of product by customers
  4. Marketing Globally or Globalization

Improving business processes is paramount for businesses to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Over the last three decades several factors have accelerated the need to improve business processes.

Adopting Technological Changes –Adopting new technology is compulsion and not a choice.

Change in information technologies brings new capabilities to businesses. New technology brings dramatic improvement in the performance of the company in terms of cost, quality, speed and services.

Awareness of product by customers-

Customers are aware of the products and attributes of the product. Customers are also demanding better products and services. If they do not receive what they want from the particular   supplier, then they have many others to choose from. They are ready to try new suppliers and new brands.

Marketing Global -After opening up of Indian economy, companies have been forced to improve their business processes because of increased competition. More companies have entered the market place, and competition has become harder. In today’s market place, major changes are required to just stay.

Even it has become a matter of survival for most companies.

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