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Meaning of Process and Business Process

A process is a series of actions to achieve a particular result.

Business process is a set of logically related tasks or activities for achieving a specified outcome. It is often called departmental or functional boundaries. Business process includes -product development, procurement of raw material, inbound logistic, conversion into finished goods, storing in finished goods department, outbound logistics, service to customers and measuring performances. All these activities are the business activities and business process.


Meaning of Core Processes

Core process are those process which are extremely critical for success and survival of the enterprise. A core business process creates value in the eye of customers. It provides competitive advantages.

Core business processes are critical in company’s evaluation about customers.

In different business core process are different such as:-

  1. In the electronics and semi-conductor industries-new product development is a core   process.
  2. In fast moving consumer goods industry- marketing is a core process.
  3. In the banking industry, activities that help mobilize deposits and generate funds for advances to customers, are a core business process.

In the insurance industry- the actual work that leads to a balance of competitive premium for customers, and profit after claims for the company, is a core business process.

The core business processes changes over a period of time, according to the shifting requirements of its competitiveness.

Many times employees tend to focus at very narrow goals of their own department at the cost of larger goals of the organization as a whole.

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