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Role of Information technology

Role of Information Technology in BPR

Role of information technology can be understood with following four points -

R-Restructuring of relationship

O-Overcoming restrictions of geography or distance

T-Time compression

I- Impactful information technology systems implementation

Point wise

R-Restructuring of relationship

The pace at which information technology has developed is significant Transformation of business process is not possible without use of information technology. Technology can enhance customer satisfaction in process of BPR.

Technology can be a service point for Meeting customer need and expectation quickly and adequately.

Overcoming restrictions of geography or distance

Globalization has made the entire world as global village. Every company who wants to survive has to be at global standard to fight the competition. Without use of information technology it is not possible to be at global standard. If proper technology is not used in process of BPR then basic purpose of BPR will fail.

Time compression

A technology assisted reengineering process produces -speed, accuracy, connectivity, efficiency, Internet use, automation, 3D application.

Impactful information technology systems implementation

Management has to be responsive and better to adjust with changing environment without IT such changes are not possible. Information technology is going to play a significant role in changing the business processes during the years to come. Various studies have conclusively established the role of the information technology in the transformation of business processes



Area in which Information Technology provides values

IT-initiatives, provide business values in three distinct areas:




Efficiency – by way of increased productivity,

Effectiveness – by way of better management,

Innovation – by way of improved products and services

All these can bring about a radical change in the quality of products and services. There by improving the competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Information technology is a critical factor in the success of bringing this change.

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