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A Thing of Beauty Summary Class 12th Commerce

A Thing of Beauty Summary In English


A thing of beauty is a constant source of joy. Its beauty keeps on increasing. It never fades. It will never pass into nothingness. It provides us a pleasant shelter—a quiet bower for us. It gives us peace and a sleep full of sweet dreams. We are bound to the beauties of the earth.


We suffer from malice and disappointment. We lack good human qualities and noble natures. We have some sad days also. All these things make our life gloomy. We also develop unhealthy and evil ways that cause us suffering and pain.


In spite of all these sufferings, some beautiful things remove the cover of sad feelings from our hearts. All beautiful things of nature are a boon for humanity. The sun, the moon, and old and young trees are sources of happiness. They provide a shady shelter, which is a boon for simple sheep. Daffodil flowers are blooming among the green surroundings. Small streams with transparent water make a cooling shelter of thickets to protect themselves from the hot season. Bushes are growing in the middle of the forest. They have been made more beautiful and grand by a sprinkling of blooming musk roses. This magnificence and beauty surpasses grandeur of the dooms that we have imagined for our mighty dead forefathers.


These beauties of nature are lovelier than all lovely tales that we have heard or read. Nature is an endless fountain. It pours into our hearts an immortal drink from the heaven’s brink.

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