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Albert Einstein at School Class 11th commerce

Albert Einstein at School

1. In this story, we learn about the father of modern physics. Albert Einstein is known all over for his valuable contributions to physics and the theory of relativity. However, this story brings forth his school days which were not that pleasant. Naturally, everyone must think that such a genius mind would have excelled at school. But, it wasn’t so when he was in school.

2. The story begins with young Albert being in his History class. The teacher asks him about a certain date to which Albert admits that it is pointless to memorise dates. He was of the thinking that he can flip through the pages whenever he wants to know the date about something. Thus, he did not believe in mugging up facts.

3. We learnt that Albert does not like school as it adopts traditional methods of teaching. He dislikes the conventional forms of education. Similarly, the teachers also don’t have much liking to him. They consider him a disgrace and the History teacher especially did not like him. When this incident happens in History class, the teacher gets irritated and asks him to leave.

4. Einstein did not like his home too as he was not comfortable there. In fact, Einstein did not like school to an extent that he thought of never passing the exams to get the school diploma. As he likes Science, he wishes he could study just this subject only. Moreover, he does not understand the reason why he needs to study other subjects where his interest does not lie.

5. After that, they sent him to Munich and the story repeated there too. Albert did not take any interest there and was only wasting his father’s money. He now has an epiphany of giving up a school together so he asks his friend, Yuri, to arrange for a doctor. He plans to ask the doctor to write him off as a lunatic, not fit for the school. Upon meeting with the doctor, Albert confesses his love for mathematics. After that, the headmaster calls him and reveals shocking news to him.

6. He tells Albert that due to his behaviour, they are asking him to leave school. They feel that his behaviour disturbs the environment for studying. It was surprising for Albert as he was ready to present the medical report but before that only the school rusticated him. Thus, he leaves the school without even looking back and only meets Yuri who bids him farewell and wishes him luck for his future.

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