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The Tale of Melon City Class 11th commerce

The Tale of Melon City



1. Vikram Seth through this poem, satire on people in power. He has amusingly presented the idea that it does not matter to people who king, ruler or head of state is with the understanding that he let them live in peace, liberty, and leniently.

2. Long ago, there was a city that people call Melon City. Where a peace-loving and just king rule. The king announces the construction of an arch across the street for the enlightenment of people. After the arch was complete the king pass below it and his crown fell down. Moreover, he became angry and wanted to punish the chief builder for making the arch so low by hanging them.

3. They set up the gallows and the soldiers bring in the builder for hanging. Builder fell on his keens and plead for mercy. Further, he said it was workmen’s fault. So, the kin pardons the builder and order hanging of workmen. The minute workmen to be hanged, they plead the king and said that it was masons fault because he supplies wrong size brick.

4. The mason said it was architects fault. In this way, everyone passes the blame to someone else. However, the architect said it was the king who made modifications in the plan.

5. As whom should be hanged become very tricky and the king was very confused. Hence, he calls the wisest man of the kingdom. Subsequently, a man who was on his death bed was taken to the king. The wise man advice the king to hang the arch as it was the criminal. Consequently, a huge gallows were set up to hang the arch. But, the councillor said that we cannot hang the arch as it has become pure by touching the kings head.

6. By this moment the crowd became restless and impatient for a hanging. By fear of rebellion, the king ordered the instant hanging of anyone to soothe the crowd. Hence, everyone who was present tries to fit the high set noose But only the king fitted it perfectly. And as per his order executioner hanged him.

7. In addition, the city had a bizarre custom of electing a new king. The custom was that anyone who passes through the streets the next day will choose the king. Hence, the next morning, when the guard asks a passer-by who must be the king, he replied, “Melon.” Because the pedestrian was an idiot whose answers all the questions with just one word “Melon.”

8. They crown the melon as their king. And from that day onwards, they pronounce the city as “Melon City.” And the locals tell this story to anyone who asks them the reason behind the name of the city.


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