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The Address Class 11th commerce

The Address



1. The Address begins with a victim of war going back to her native place. It is about a daughter who returns to her home in Holland. She goes there to search for her mother’s belongings after the war. When she reaches her native place, she does not receive a warm welcome. She follows the address she has on her. It is House Number 46 in Marconi Street. A woman opens the door and refuses to recognize the girl on the door. The author notices the woman wearing her mother’s green knitted sweater. Thus, she became even surer that she was in the right place. However, the woman did not deny not knowing her mother.

2. Despite the author’s resistance, the woman did not entertain her and close the door on her. The author was going back when she starts thinking about the bygone days. She got the address from her mother years ago. After returning to her home post-war, she notices a lot of things missing from the place. Thus, her mother gives her an address of Mrs Dorling. She learns that Mrs. Dorling is an old acquaintance of her mother. Thus, her mother handed over all their valuable possessions to Mrs. Dorling to keep them safe. Thus, after many years, the author thinks of going back to take them possessions. Thus, after being told to go away by Mrs. Dorling on her visit, she goes back once again. On her second visit, fifteen-year-old answers the door.

3. We learn that the mother was not at home. The author told her about her wish to meet her mother. The girl takes her in the house. To the author’s surprise, she notices the room full of things her mother possessed. The room was not similar but the things were all very familiar. She started to feel so uncomfortable; she now had no desire to possess her mother’s belongings. Thus, she leaves the home and thought of forgetting the address and the thought of ever getting those things back.


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