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The Birth Class 11th commerce

The Birth



1. The story is an extract from The Citadel. Moreover, it narrates how a medical fresher handles a case of child delivery. Also, in a secretive way, he gets back living in an apparently dead child. He applies all his medical knowledge and instincts for doing so. Further, the story states the excitement of the doctor and his team.

2. At the start, the story describes how Andrew Manson recently out from medical school, was returning home after a quarrel with her girlfriend, Christine. On reaching home, he finds Joe Morgan waiting for him to attend to his wife. Despite the night he agrees to attend her as she was expecting her first child in 20 years.

3. At Joe’s house, he saw midwife attending the lady who was very serious. Andrew sees Mrs Morgan and took a pause as he could understand that it would take some time. While sitting his mind starts to wander in the thoughts of other people. Like Barnwell who foolishly devoted all his life to a woman who betrayed him. In addition, he remembers Edward page who married an ill-nature Bowden and was now living unhappily, separately from his wife. Meanwhile, Andrew had to go back to attend the patient.

4. After an hour-long and harsh struggle a child was born towards the dawn but it was lifeless. On seeing the child Andrew shook with horror. Subsequently, he looks to the mother who needs immediate attention. So, Andrew has to choose whom to attend: the mother or the child.

5. He gave the child to nurse and attend the mother first who was unconscious. Steadily, her heartbeat strengthens and Andrew could now attend the baby. Afterwards, Andrew inquired the midwife about the child whom she had put it under the bed among the soaked newspaper. So, Andrew pulls out the child who was perfectly formed. He couldn’t recognise that it’s a case of asphyxia due to lack of oxygen and excess of carbon dioxide in the blood. Moreover, he did not lose heart and starts to give the necessary treatment to the child. However, the midwife told him again and again that it is stillborn but he didn’t listen. Also, he continues his treatment.

6. Near the conclusion, a wonder occurred, he rubbed the child with a towel crushed and relaxed the little chest with both his hands. He tries to fill breath into the limp body. After some time, the little chest gave a short difficult motion and the child starts turning around.

7. Eventually, Andrew flung a sigh of relief and handed the child to the nurse. Afterwards, he stated the whole story to Joe who was standing outside and walked down the street. He has a sense of deep satisfaction that he could achieve something great.


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