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The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Class 11th commerce

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse



1. The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse revolves around two Armenian boys. The boys belong to the Garoghlanian tribe. We learn that even though they were poor, they never sacrifice their honesty. In fact, even in the worst of situations, they were always honest.

2. The boys never steal or lie, whatever the situation may be. This story describes the particular incident about the white horse they once got. Aram is 9 years old and his cousin, Mourad is 13 years old. Aram is very fascinated by the world as things are easy in childhood. Moreover, Mourad is the crazy one, as everyone calls him.

3. The story begins with Mourad visiting Aram’s house in the morning at 4. To Aram’s surprise, Mourad has brought a beautiful white horse which he is riding. Mourad assures him that it is indeed a horse and he is not dreaming. Aram did not believe it because he knew that they were poor and wouldn’t be able to afford a horse.

4. Therefore, the two boys kept the horse with them for weeks. They use to ride it and sing to it. However, the boys did not let the world know they have a horse. They were keeping him at a barn of a deserted vineyard. After a while, Aram finds out that Mourad stole the horse from John Byro. Thus, they made a plan of not returning it to him, although they had second doubts about keeping it due to their ethics.

5. Finally, on one day, John sees the boys with the white beautiful horse. However, as his family was known for their honesty, John did not accuse them of stealing. On the other hand, his belief was so strong he just said that their horse resembles his horse a lot.

6. Consequently, this was a very poignant experience for the boys. They decide to return the horse and John found it at the vineyard the next day. John gets very happy and shares the news with Aram’s mother. We also see that his horse is now healthier, well-behaved and more decent than before.

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