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The Browning Version Class 11th commerce

The Browning Version



1. Mr. Crocker Harris – a very strict and disciplined teacher
2. Mr. Mr. Frank – a science teacher
3. Taplow – a student
4. Millie – wife of Mr. Crocker Harris



1. This is a play, whose first scene is set in a school. In the opening, there is a sixteen-year-old boy, Taplow. He has come to do some extra work for his teacher Mr Crocker-Harris. Moreover, he has to wait for him as he still has to arrive. Frank (another teacher) dins Taplow waiting and strikes a conversation with him.

2. During the conversation, Frank get to know that Taplow is waiting for his result which is yet to be hand out. The boy is keen to specialize in science and hope to get a good result. Mr Crocker-Harris does not declare the result himself. Instead request the headmaster to declare the result on the last day of term.

3. The conversation also delivers the insight of Taplow mind. He tells Frank how much he dislikes the play ‘Agamemnon’. He confesses that the play is not that bad but he like science. Also, he points out that the way Mr Harris teach it is terrible.

4. They have to do extra work as he missed a class a week ago. Certainly, Frank remarks that Taplow will get his “remove” for doing extra work.  However, Taplow feels different. As he is not like other teachers so such rules don’t work with Mr Crocker-Harris, Taplow states. Also, he doesn’t appreciate the extra work of students.

5. As per Taplow, Mr Harris is different from other teachers. He is strict and inhuman. Moreover, he doesn’t tell them their results before judgement day. When Taplow ask about his remove Crocker-Harris says that is exactly what he deserves- “No less; and certainly no more.” Frank pointed out that Crocker-Harris is 10 minutes late and Taplow has a chance to leave and play golf. But, Taplow looks shocked at this suggestion as he thinks that Mr Crocker-Harris might follow him home.

6. Frank envy Mr Harris for the influence he has on his students.  When Frank asks Taplow that if Mr Harris beats them, Taplow replies that he is not a sadist. And he is not a person who would beat students and vent his frustration. In spite of all this, he likes Mr Harris and narrates an incident when he laughs at the classical joke that Mr Harris, although he didn’t get it. After that, Mille Crocker-Harris (Mr Crocker-Harris’ Wife) enters the room. She suggests Taplow run away for a quarter of an hour and come back. As Mr Harris has been at Bursar’s and may take quite a time.

7. Mrs Harris behaviour puzzles Taplow. Taplow is not willing to leave as he doesn’t want to disobey the teacher whom he fears. When Mille assures Taplow that she will take the blame and proposes an excuse for his absence. Mille hands Taplow a prescription and asks him to take it to a chemist and get it for Harris. So, Taplow accepts the proposal and leaves Frank and Mrs Harris behind.


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