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Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Summary In English Class 12th Commerce

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Summary In English


Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers prance and jump across a screen. They are bright coloured like the shining yellow topaz. These denizens’ or the dwellers of the green forests are brought in the panel by Aunt Jennifer. She creates them through her own hands. They don’t fear the men standing under the tree. They pace in ‘sleek’ and ‘chivalric’ certainty.


Aunt Jennifer’s hands are moving about her wool. But the movement is not smooth and effortless. Aunt finds it quite hard to pull even the ivory needle. The heavy weight of the marriage band that bonded her with her husband sits heavily upon her hand. She still feels tied down by that weight.


Her terrified hands’ will tell the whole story of her unhappy life even when aunt is dead. Hardships and sufferings were the parts of her married life. These crushed her. She was in the grip of very tough life. But the tigers she has made in the panel will go on jumping ahead, proud and unafraid.

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